DQ Unveils New Menu Items for National Grilled Cheese Day

DQ Unveils New Menu Items Blizzard

12 April 2021, Dairy Queen unveiled a new menu dedicated to National Grilled Cheese Day. The chain’s special menu includes:

  • Classic DQ Grilled Cheese Sandwich,
  • The DQ Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich,
  • DQ Chili Cheese Sandwich,
  • DQ Grilled Cheese Bites.

The classic DQ Grilled Cheese Sandwich features two slices of Texas toast filled with two pieces of cheddar cheese and melted butter on the outside. The bacon grilled cheese sandwich is similar to the classic included four slices. The chili cheese grilled cheese sandwich adds a layer of chili and melted cheese sauce to the classic sandwich. The grilled cheese bites have five mini sandwiches with melted cheddar cheese, butter, and bacon in each bite.

Dairy Queen Unveils New Menu Items also announced that it would be offering a limited-time promotion for National Grilled Cheese Day. Customers can get free DQ Grilled Cheese Bites by purchasing any other grilled cheese sandwich.

The new grilled cheese menu items are available at participating DQ locations across the United States. Price varies depending on location.


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