New ‘King of Blizzards’ Contest for Blizzard-Eating

Dairy Queen launched a new King of Blizzards contest for Blizzard-eating. The contest will be hosted at participating DQ locations across the United States and Canada. The person who can eat the most Blizzards within a set time frame gets (the King of Blizzards) title. The winner will receive a special trophy, a gift certificate for free Dairy Queen products, and a free Blizzard per week for an entire year.

The competition will start with a qualifying round. Participants need to eat maximum Blizzards as given a specific time frame. Those who qualify will then move on to the finals, which will be held at a Dairy Queen location. The final winner will be crowned the “King of Blizzards” and receive the above-mentioned prizes.

The competition is open to anyone over 18 years old and is not limited to just Blizzard fans. DQ hopes the contest will attract new customers and encourage existing ones to try different Blizzard flavors.

Dairy Queen is no stranger to the competition when it comes to their Blizzard treats. We have hosted other events such as the “Battle of the Blizzards” and the “Blizzard Challenge.” The “King of Blizzards” contest is the latest in their line of Blizzard-themed events. It is sure to bring plenty of fun and excitement to the Dairy Queen fan base.

So if you think you have what it takes to become the “King of Blizzards,” don’t hesitate to head to your local Dairy Queen and try!

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