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New ‘King of Blizzards’ Contest for Blizzard-Eating

Dairy Queen launched a new King of Blizzards contest for Blizzard-eating. The contest will be hosted at participating DQ locations across the United States and Canada. The person who can eat the most Blizzards within a set time frame gets (the King of Blizzards) title. The winner will receive a special trophy, a gift certificate […]

DQ Unveils New Menu Items for National Grilled Cheese Day

12 April 2021, Dairy Queen unveiled a new menu dedicated to National Grilled Cheese Day. The chain’s special menu includes: Classic DQ Grilled Cheese Sandwich, The DQ Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich, DQ Chili Cheese Sandwich, DQ Grilled Cheese Bites. The classic DQ Grilled Cheese Sandwich features two slices of Texas toast filled with two pieces […]